About Us:

Since 2010 de are one of the leading companies to provide complete range of Fire Detection & Alarm System, Fire Hydrant System, Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems, and supply of Fire Buckets, First Aid Kit, glow-shine signs, Burglar Alarm System, Sprinkler System, Supply & refilling of Fire Extinguishers, CCTV & Access Control System.

Annual Maintenance of all above system, Providing training / drill / refresher course on fire fighting equipment, Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like hard hat, coverall, ear plug, safety glass etc.

With the rapid growth of industries stimulated by recent progress in science and technology, today we are forced with unexpected types of fires that require innovative extinguishers equipped with instant methods. Modern science and technology have given rise to sky-scrapers, high speed transportation facilities and space development industries that require new and sophisticated fire protection methods.

We have grappled with the development of fire protection to meet present day requirements. We are in this field since seven years and have gained vast knowledge in the installation & maintenance of these products.

Our products are manufactured under the direct supervision of well-experienced supervisory and technical staff of highly qualified fire officers. We are general suppliers of our products to Govt./Semi Govt. organizations, private and public sector undertakings, oil companies and such other organizations.
Our after sales service is a speciality and this is also one of the reasons for our getting orders repeatedly from our clients.

We also undertake servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers and allied fire fighting equipments, including consultancy and training.
We have trained manpower to facilitate after sales service. We also undertake turnkey jobs in the field of various types of fire protection systems such as Fire Alarm System, Heat and Smoke Detection, CO Flooding Systems, 2 Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hydrant Systems, all Kinds of Fire Extinguishers, CCTV Camera, Emergency lights,etc.

We have installed such systems in various projects all over India. We have also done such systems in many multi-storeyed buildings as per rules and regulations of city Fire Brigades and as per TAC/ISI requirements.
We believe that the above information will enable you to qualify our company for the above listed jobs/projects and we would request you to favor us with inquiries in near future.